Community News

What a week

It has been a huge week at Albert’s Post.  It turns out that owning a business like this feels like a roller coaster ride with no emergency brake.   There is absolutely never a dull moment.  

This week we got our alcohol license renewed – this was always going to feel nerve-wracking despite knowing that in the year we have been open we haven’t had any worries at all in that respect.  It does feel like people are drinking less now, and non alcoholic drink options just get better and better (drier, more refreshing, less sweet).  

We also got a couple of average reviews on google and zomato, and this always feels awful even if most of what we get is awesome.  We always like to get feedback though and would rather that we know about it than not, no matter how we get it.   If you ever wonder when you’re dining out whether to tell someone if you’re unhappy with any aspect of your experience (service, atmosphere, food, drinks) – my advice is DO. Please.  We do care about it, and we wouldn’t get annoyed with you or treat you poorly, especially if the feedback is given in a way that is respectful and kind.  

And then.  We got a great little mention by fashion designer Juliette Hogan in Viva magazine in the NZ Herald, which was such a surprise and we are delighted.  Mainly for the fact that it highlights all the reasons we opened Albert’s Post in the first place – which is all about celebrating every day life with friends, family, good drinks, food and conversation.