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Bus Route 66

Brace yourselves for a HUGE reveal.  One night over a drink we had a chat with local clever lady Alannah Hunter.  What we talked about was this well- kept secret, called bus route 66, which travels from Sylvia Park to Point Chevalier through Mt Albert.

We’d both recently used the Number 66 bus (me to get to Sylvia Park from Mt Albert, Alannah to get to Albert’s Post) and agreed it was crazy more people don’t know about this hidden gem.

Alannah suggested a stylised infographic showing the route.  There are many other gems along this route; you can also get to Onehunga, Mt Roskill and Owairaka easily along the way.

Of course I’m biased though so Albert’s Post is a major stop on the bus route.  Shopping, movies, eating, drinking, beaching – all in a day’s outing on our very own Route 66.

On Sunday 8 July 2018, Auckland Transport launched a new bus network for Auckland’s central suburbs. The Route 66 bus is one of them.  Check out the infographic, developed by us for you, for the greater good of the globe. The QR code links to the Auckland Transport journey planner so you can plan your next big outing!